How A Progress Management Tool Empowers Your Stakeholders To Drive School Improvement

Topics Include


In this short 12 minute presentation we will discuss:


  • Why improvement plans fail
  • The challenges a leader faces
  • The challenges your team faces
  • How a progress management tool empowers teachers, principals and administrators
  • A use case that demonstrates how a progress management tool improves outcomes

Gavin Doughty, Founder/CEO

Gavin is a 15 year veteran of the Chicago Public Schools (Director of Performance Management, Director of Enterprise Architecture) and the State of Illinois (Deputy Chief Operating Officer and interim CIO for the Central Management Services agency. 

At CPS he was responsible for the creation of the nationally recognized Turnaround Performance Management framework and for building CPS’ Information Security and Enterprise Architecture departments.

Gavin has gained a keen appreciation of what’s truly important for success: exceptional communication, the ability to work across multiple organizational levels and the focus to unify educators behind one goal – providing students with a better educational experience.