RespondAbility School Improvement Plan Frequently Asked Questions

RespondAbility’s leadership team answers frequently asked questions about how RespondAbility can help you drive student outcomes.


General Background and Overview

Why We Founded RespondAbility


Gavin Doughty, RespondAbility’s founder, explains why we developed a progress management software to help educators improve student outcomes.

How Do We Make Meeting Time More Productive


Founder, Gavin Doughty, discusses how school improvement progress management software creates a collaborative space for deep problem solving focused on student outcomes. 

How ResondAbility Helps Your Team Drive Results

Don Fraynd, VP of Sales and former District Turnaround Officer, outlines how RespondAbility drives results.

State and Federal Reporting with ResondAbility


Don Fraynd, VP of Sales and former District Turnaround Officer, details how RespondAbility makes state and Federal reporting simple. 

About Our Team


Ed Morris Junior, VP of Educator Engagment, explains the benefits of working with a team that has a proven track record implementing school improvement plans.

What Types of Schools See The Greatest Impact


Our VP of Educator Engagement discusses what types of schools and districts will see the greatest impact to student outcomes from our progress management software.

Funding School Improvement Progress Monitoring

Superintendent and Senior Advisor, Dave Schuler, explains the options you have to easily fund a progress management software.

District Monitoring with RespondAbility, a Superintendent Perspective


Superintendent, Dave Schuler, discusses the power of automated reporting and real-time data from a superintendent’s perspective.



Educational Interviews

RespondAbility’s leadership team shares their front line experience helping educators make the leap from planning to implementation with guidance from the RespondAbility Progress Management system.

Why Do Many School Improvement Plans Fail

Our VP of Educator Engagement, Ed Morris Junior, discusses the top barriers to successfully implementing a school improvement plan and how progress management software helps you avoid these barriers.  


Why is it Critical to Measure Effort to Impact

Founder, Gavin Doughty, discusses how and why tracking specific actions and then measuring effort to impact is key to ensuring you reach your improvement plan’s desired student outcomes.


Technical, Pricing and Implementation Questions

Why RespondAbility is Superior to Homegrown Project Tracking Solutions

Our VP of Educator Engagement, Ed Morris Junior, explains the advantages of a software designed specifically for educators.

How Does RespondAbility’s Fully Inclusive Pricing Model Work


Gavin Doughty explains our all in one pricing model that includes; implementation, professional development, integrations, training and support to help you achieve your desired student outcomes, goals and targets.


Technical Specifications, Security Protocols and Integrations Available

Founder, Gavin Doughty, gives a quick technical overview of the platform and discusses the ease of integrations.

How Do We Help You to Implement Your Strategic Plan


Gavin Doughty explains how we migrate your improvement plan into RespondAbility to enable the leap from planning to implementation.