Success Stories

Principals and District Leaders share how RespondAbility helps drive their school improvement effort.

“With RespondAbility, we have increased student engagement and pass rates across my district. The ability to track each school’s progress district-wide has helped us reach goals while giving me peace of mind.”

Randel Josserand

Superintendent, Real Journeys Academies

Karla Kirkling
Health & Benefits Director, Chicago Public Schools

We use RespondAbility to progress monitor our investments in over 100+ schools. This tool has been instrumental for our team to track fidelity metrics, inform decision-making and better align partners around their work in schools. As a result, we have seen a significant increase in Principal retention and increases in student attendance.

Esther Lee

Program Investment Manager, The Chicago Public Education Fund

“I have a feedback mechanism that reveals the progress of our strategic plans, in real time! It’s unbelievable I ever lived without RespondAbility. I often refer to my tenure as “Before RA” and “After RA”. The night and day difference has given me a clear road map with my schools.

Edward Nox

Executive Director, Department of Curriculum

Chad Adams-Thomas
Principal, Sullivan High School 

Augustine Emuwa
Former Principal and Assistant Principal

“Within weeks of working with our coach Kenyatta, our team started rowing in the same direction and identifying problem and opportunities. The RespondAbility system empowers us to collaborate as a team, and improves our work culture along the way. Thanks Kenyatta!”

Derrick Bass

High School Principal

"RespondAbility has literally transformed the way we set our goals, how we define the strategies for reaching them and how we track our progress. We found a solution that was easy to implement and is easy to use—but more importantly — it keeps my staff focused on their performance benchmarks."

Patricia Harper Reynolds

Principal, Austin College and Career Academy

"RespondAbility supports a culture of true collaboration and transparent leadership. We are now able to focus on planning and continual improvement, as a team."

Angel Johnson

High School Principal

Don Fraynd
Former Chief School Improvement Officer

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