Why Education Demands a Special Kind of Change

October 27, 2019

Nothing changes without the proper process.

Matching the right process model to the right working environment is crucial to driving effective change.
Mindset Check

What works in linear, command & control environments

Mindset Check

What works in linear, command & control environments

Waterfall Model

Typical command-and-control work processes are linear in nature – one step follows naturally from the other. In a perfect world, simple processes drive results via a Waterfall Model.

Ideal for: Linear Workflow, Command & Control, Simple Processes

Agile Model

In a slightly more complex organizational environment, an Agile Model allows scheduled and expected feedback to be accommodated and processed.

Ideal for: Linear Workflow, Expected/Scheduled Feedback, Slightly Complex Processes

What works in linear, command & control environments

The Intention/Implementation/Impact Model provides a series of organized feedback loops across all aspects of planning, execution and measurement to encourage open communication, support shared responsibility/accountability and create a never-ending cycle of improvement.

Ideal for: Adaptive Workflow, Expected/Unexpected Feedback, Multiple Constituencies, Complex Processes

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