Focusing on the Big Rocks: A Solution for Prioritizing Efforts in Education

February 15, 2023

Educators have a lot on their plates, and with so many different tasks to tackle, it can be tough to know where to focus their efforts. This often leads to feeling overwhelmed and unsure of what’s truly important.


Defining Your “Big Rocks”

The solution is to identify the school’s “Big Rocks” – these are your key priorities, the initiatives or activities that will have the biggest impact on student success. By defining these “Big Rocks” clearly and scoping them out, you’ll have a roadmap for where to focus your efforts.


Making “Big Rocks” the Foundation

Once you have your “Big Rocks” identified, use them as the foundation for every meeting. “Big Rocks” help to ensure organization-wide focus, and focusing on a challenge is the best way to ensure it is progressing well. Every decision, every action, and every resource should align with your “Big Rocks”.


The Power of “Big Rocks”

The results of focusing meetings on “Big Rocks” can be transformative. You’ll either see growth and improvement relative to that rock or the identification of challenges and blockers within the school’s sphere of influence in moving that rock forward. And once challenges can be articulated, they can be addressed.


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