RespondAbility in Action

Why Education Demands a Special Kind of Change

Nothing changes without the proper process

Matching the right process model to the right working environment is crucial to driving effective change.

Waterfall Model

Typical command-and-control work processes are linear in nature - one step follows naturally from the other. In a perfect world, simple processes drive results via a Waterfall Model.
Ideal for: Linear Workflow, Command & Control, Simple Processes

Agile Model

In a slightly more complex organizational environment, an Agile Model allows scheduled and expected feedback to be accomodated and processed.
Ideal for: Linear Workflow, Expected/Scheduled Feedback, Slightly Complex Processes

Intention Implementation Impact Model

The Intention | Implementation | Impact Model provides a series of organized feedback loops across all aspects of planning, execution and measurement to encourage open communication, support shared responsibility/accountability and create a never-ending cycle of improvement.
Ideal for: Adaptive Workflow, Expected/Unexpected Feedback, Multiple Constituencies, Complex Processes

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